dreaming of hawaii

Disclaimer: Just ahead of time, so I don’t get sued by anyone – I do not own the photos on this particular post!!

I always wanted to create a blog…I guess todays that day.
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Ally and I am graduating with my bachelors in psychology. Its so exciting, the thought of graduating. I’ve submitted a numerous amount of applications to Masters programs across California – so I guess its time to play the waiting game.

As graduation approaches…so does my trip to maui. I’ve always dreamed of going to on vacation there…of course I’ve been there, but I was like 4 and with my parents. This time, I am going on my first adult vacation with my lovely boyfriend of two years to celebrate our survival of college.

I’ve had this addiction to J. Crew lately and their new vacation collection. Its made me even more excited to go on my trip to hawaii..so, incase your interested…these babies are on my packing list.

First things first…*Cue the music* She wore annn…its bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini!  What can I say? I like the classics. I pair this baby with some kickin’ ray bans in havana and a cute white-lace beach cover up.

Image Image



Next on my list..I found this weird foreign designer called CDG..which apparently is short for COMME DES GARÇONS. I fell in love with this striped top with the funny little heart guy on it (I don’t know what else to call him). Although its offered at J. Crew…I think its a little nuts to spend $150 on a striped t-shirt. I did some searching and found it on ebay for $16! Although it is humid, and warm in hawaii..it does get chilly at night. Better to be safe than sorry!



I noticed that bright colors are coming back this season…not like neon…but like bright pastels. I love sperrys..they are probably one of my best purchases – and they are colorful!


Since we’re on the subject of color…I wanted to pair my bright turquoise skinnys with a nice coral tank from AE, with a white scarf from Forever21 (there are some metallic silver threads throughout the scarf). I paired this with my sworovski crystal starfish havianas to finish it off. This is the only colored pants I own..I swear. They were trending this last summer..and I never really caught the obsession…until I saw these amazing toothpick skinny’s at J. Crew.

Picture 5  Image   Picture 4 photo (8)


I found this lovely trench coat (I’ve been looking for one for a very long time). Its called the J. Crew Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket. It sounds like something you would wear while going through a break up..but I asure you the name is misleading. Why…WHY must it be backordered until MARCH 28th!? More waiting! It would go with the striped top and shorts I posted too!


So..those are just a few of the things on my packing list – if you are interested in any of these, most can be found on Jcrew.com and Ae.com

I hope you enjoyed my first post…thanks for stopping in!


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