A day with the roommates..and homemade sushi

Hello readers, I you’re even out there. Today I spent the day with my two roommates; my boyfriend and my friend Kev. While the guys were playing catch, I managed to snap a few photos here and there.

Later that day, we decided to make some sushi. My boyfriend got a sushi making kit for his birthday so we decided to break it in. Granted…niether of us had ever made sushi in our lives, so this way going to be interesting.
We made some coconut shrimp sushi rolls and some spicy ahi tuna (I actually think that was my favorite). It was AMAZING….that is…until I knocked the plate over.



I can honestly say after wasting almost $20 of ahi tuna..I was pretty mortified. Luckily, we had only put half our sushi on one plate – so all was not lost. The rolls turned out great..and let me tell you, it’s a ton of fun. I recommend making sushi if you have a night to just hang back. It brings friends together making what felt like food art. Plus, mama would approve because it’s good for you 😉



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