Oh by the way, I’m a photographer

Hey there! I procrastinated the last two days and didnt blog – so hopefully this makes up for it. I’m trying to blog as much as possible. It makes me feel accomplished when I write down what I’ve been up to.
So for those of you that dont know me well, my hobby is photography. I know I know, EVERYONES a photographer. But really..I want to open a private buisness as a side thing from my masters; I want to do couples photography. I really am obsessed..and in the last two years, I’ve taken a lot of pictures with my boyfriend as “practice.” I have a Canon EOS T3…I use mostly manual, although I like auto for my night shots because sitting perfectly still durring an exposure is impossible for me.

Just as a Disclaimer: If you steal any of my photos, I will eat you. Its really that simple 🙂 

Here is one I took on a 30 second exposure in Monterey Bay for our two year anniversary last December. I was SO glad that airplane decided to fly by as I was taking my photo..(thats what that little line this is in the upper left hand corner)…it makes it that much better.


A little word art with our cell phones 🙂 – also 30 seconds.


This is one I took in Lovers Point last spring. The whole ocean side turns purple from all the flowers that grow in the..whatever that invasive plant is called. This one was just a simple makeshift tripod with a 30 second timer.


A couple more from that day – we are not in them.



So when I am not on my couples photo kick, I take landscapes too. I took a set of sunset photos at Asilomar Beach – It was freezing cold, I got wet from the intense splashing of the waves on the rocks and the wind was horrid. It looks to peaceful in my photos, but I can asure you – it was not. A photographer must do what they have to do to get the best photos.



Let me know if you want to see any of my other photos – I love to share my hobby with others. If you’ve taken any photos recently, tell me about them! What inspired you to go out that day?


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